Advice if you're thinking of having a bonfire from SODC

COVID-19 update – we’re urging people not to light bonfires during the pandemic. This is because breathing in smoke can impair a person’s oxygen intake and, with more people remaining at home, lighting a bonfire could cause someone to experience breathing problems.

Please consider doing one of these options instead:

  • Home composting
  • Use our garden waste collection service
  • Use our bulky house waste collection service
  • Bag it up and take it to your local waste recycling centre

Please do not:

  • Burn damp material
  • Burn rubbish, such as plastic, foam, paint or rubber
  • Light the fire using engine oil, methylated spirits or petrol
  • Light the fire in windy weather
  • Leave it unattended, even if the fire is just smouldering