Chinnor Parish Council Grant Policy 2022


Chinnor Parish Council is committed to giving financial support to local initiatives but has a responsibility to distribute grants in a fair and equitable manner to reflect the value of the organisations, services or activities to the residents of Chinnor.
To this end the council will consider only donating to organisations, services or activities which can demonstrate that the money will make a real difference to the services that they offer to our community.
The Parish council will not fund activities outside its powers and functions or activities which it considers to be the responsibility of a Statutory Authority.
In 2022-23 the Parish Council has a total budget of £20,000 for making small grants.

 Each group can apply for a maximum amount of £1000.00
 Applications and all required additional information must be submitted by email to: admin@chinnorpc.org
 Applicants will be notified of the outcome following the CPC meeting.
 If you have an Environmental Policy agreed and signed by your committee, please attach to the application on submission.

All Applicants should meet the following criteria:
 The organisation (even if it is a national organisation) is based or has a branch locally and benefits local residents.
 Can demonstrate a record of, or potential, benefit to the Parish of Chinnor.
 To demonstrate that consideration has been given to the environmental impact of the potential project.
 The organisation can demonstrate how the money will be used.
 A group bank account must be held for direct payment if a grant is awarded

   A copy of the last audited accounts to be included. (link to online access acceptable)

   A copy of the organisations constitution to be included. (link to online access acceptable)

   A copy of the organisations constitution

 Additional applications within a 12-month period will not normally be considered.
 All awards must be properly accounted for and project must be completed by 31st March 2023.
 The award must be used for the purpose for which the application was made.
 If the group is unable to use the award for the stated purpose, all monies must be returned to the Parish Council.
 Donations to Registered Charities in response to a general fundraising appeal will not normally be considered.
 The completed form must be signed and dated by a responsible person in your organisation.
 Chinnor Parish Council Acknowledgement to be displayed in prominent position
 Any request for grants outside of these conditions and criteria cannot be considered.

Application Forms

Grant Application Form 2022

Last date for application 30/06/22

If you would like an application form emailed to you please contact

Chinnor Parish Council Office

Tel: 01844 353267

email: admin@chinnorpc.org